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WorldLink Links Up with More Customers with PeerApp
By Content Services
Posted: May 10, 2017 5:33am PDT

WorldLink Links Up with More Customers with PeerApp -- PeerApp content delivery platform streams digital content on top of the world in Nepal

NEPAL -- May 10, 2017 -- PeerApp, the leading provider of local content-delivery solutions that cut network costs and boost customer satisfaction for mobile, telco and cable operators, today announced that WorldLink, the largest Internet Service Provider in Nepal, has chosen PeerApp's PACache caching solution to answer the growing demand for data.

WorldLink commissioned its first PACache system in 2012 to handle up to 1 Gb/s of traffic. Since then, customer traffic demand has grown 20-fold and the PeerApp solution has grown in tandem.

"Our Internet customer base continues to escalate both in terms of numbers as well as demand for more rich digital content and speed. That adds pressure on our network and incentivizes us to boost quality," said Mr. Dileep Agrawal, WorldLink's Chairman and Managing Director.

PACache supercharges any network, increasing content delivery speeds by a factor of 10-18 times, enabling ISPs as well as other service providers to deliver smooth digital streaming even at peak-load times. With PACache, networks are able to take advantage of the trend toward ultra-high-definition (4K) video, assured that they are prepared for tomorrow’s exponential surge in enriched digital content.

"We rely on the PeerApp caching solution to meet customer demand for smooth digital content delivery and also to boost their quality of experience with WOW effect while offloading considerable traffic from our IP transit," said Mr. Samit Jana, WorldLink's Chief Technology Officer.

PACache's unique caching engine is organized around content classes, rather than specific services, sites, or URLs, enabling it to automatically cache a wide range of content types without requiring tuning or other interventions. Seamless-caching PACache does not interfere with the business logic of any Internet application or service and does not expose public IP addresses to subscribers, HTTP services, peer-to-peer networks or third parties.

"PeerApp platform continues to be at the forefront of content-delivery acceleration technology. WorldLink's rapid expansion over such a short period of time is complemented by the scalability and efficiency of our PACache solution," said Kiran Pande, PeerApp's RVP of Sales. "PACache helps operators by relieving network congestion and maintaining high QoE."

About PeerApp Ltd.

PeerApp cuts network costs and boosts customer satisfaction for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and enterprise networks. Our broad suite of solutions spans Content Localization and Caching, Live Streaming Delivery, Application and Data Acceleration, Smart Traffic Management, QoE Enhancement, and Sweeping Congestion Relief -- for all types of networks. Our solutions are deployable on any platform at the core or edge of the network and are accelerating network traffic and improving customer satisfaction for more than 500 customers in 100 countries. PeerApp is headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts, USA.

About WorldLink

Founded in 1995, WorldLink has rapidly become one of Nepal’s leading communication service providers. Over the past 20 years, the company has grown from a small IT services business to a strong and stable corporation with professional staff along with strong customer base in both residential and corporate segments. It operates one of the Nation’s finest and the largest Internet backbone and Fiber access network across the country providing services across 63 districts providing high speed Internet service to 900 enterprises and 90 thousand homes with HD IPTV.

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