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KnownHost Debuts Managed Cloud KVM Server VPS Hosting
By Content Services
Posted: December 29, 2017 7:33am PST

KnownHost Launches Managed Cloud KVM Server Hosting for Virtual Private Servers -- Ultra-High Performance Cloud Hosting Service Designed for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Birmingham, AL -- Today, KnownHost announced immediate availability of the fully managed solid-state storage (SSD) based Cloud VPS, built upon kernel-based virtual machine (KVM), an enterprise technology designed for maximum performance and availability, enabling new and existing customers to enjoy premium technology not typically affordable to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

"We've had so many requests from our customer base, for a cloud computing hosting plan, we couldn't possibly ignore that kind of pressure from within," said Robb Sands, Marketing Manager at KnownHost LLC.

Demand for Performance and Availability

"Maintaining KnownHost's reputation for having the best uptime on the planet is a huge pressure," said Daniel Pearson, Chief Operating Officer at KnownHost, "and building a custom cloud solution that continues that tradition of outstanding uptime was our top priority."
Combining the flexibility and availability of a cloud solution with the performance of SSD architecture, the new KnownHost plans will enable businesses of any size to compete against the biggest brands in the world of eCommerce, website hosting and desktop virtualization.

"At the very least, this levels the playing field for our clients to compete against big brands -- and put them way ahead of their day-to-day rivals of a similar size and budget," said Sands.

Full product details and pricing can be found on the KnownHost.com website.

Product Availability

The new SSD Cloud KVM VPS product is part of KnownHost's commitment to deliver dependable, fully managed, ultra-high performance hosting at an affordable price -- and deployed across multiple datacenters in the USA. The managed Cloud VPS is available to order immediately on the KnownHost.com website.

About KnownHost

Founded in 2005, KnownHost LLC is the worldwide leader in maximum uptime VPS hosting solutions. The company offers a wide range of fully managed, instantly available products and services for a range of company needs.

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Soluweb Hosting Colombia:
Posted: 2017-12-30 @ 2:41pm PT
Known Host is the way to go if you are looking for good support.


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