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Sunday November 23, 2014
Interoute Launches Virtual Data Center in Los Angeles
A new Interoute Virtual Data Center zone in Los Angeles has been announced by Interoute, Europe's largest cloud service platform. It's the second U.S. location Interoute has launched this year.

GetScorecard Painkiller for Sales Managers
Proactive CRM leader Getscorecard has debuted the GetScorecard Proactive CRM and Sales Management System for SMBs, redefining how a smaller business can use tech to grow.

WalkMe Wins Contact Center Technology Award
Customer Magazine has awarded the WalkMe Guidance and Engagement Platform the Contact Center Technology Award, honoring firms that have embraced tech as a key tool for customer service.

Enghouse Interactive Honored by TMC
Global media company TMC, has honored Enghouse Interactive Communications Center 8.0 with the 2014 CUSTOMER Contact Center Technology Award, presented by CUSTOMER magazine.

MacStadium Intros Mac-Centric Hosting for Enterprises
Mac hosting leader MacStadium has launched its Enterprise Solutions Suite, a VMware powered, cost-effective dedicated Mac server hosting and managed cloud service offering.

Tis the Season for Caller ID Spoofing
Black Friday marks the beginning of increased consumer spending -- and fraud. TRUSTID has introduced an advanced solution for financial institutions to screen for fraudulent calls instantly.

HIPAAMart Launches HIPAA In-A-Box
A complete HIPAA compliance kit and monitoring service has been unveiled by HIPAAMart. InHIPAA In-A-Box contains HIPAA compliance policies and templates, intrusion monitoring and much more.

SQLstream Blaze Outperforms Apache Storm
In a comparative performance benchmark between SQLstream Blaze and Apache Storm, SQLstream Blaze performed 113X faster on equivalent hardware than Apache Storm.

Survey: BYOD Creates Greater Security Risks
Computing accessories leader Kensington has announced findings from a new survey on BYOD in the enterprise: 73 percent of firms say BYOD represents greater security risks for their organization.


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